Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti Recruiting Over 66 Positions

Candidate applying for the post of Professor must possess a PhD with at least 10 years teaching and research experience in the University in the relevant fields and 8 years for Readership. Candidates must have outstanding record of scholarly publications along with evidence of considerable teaching and research, demonstrable capacity for academic leadership, as well as proficiency in ICT. Candidates are expected to be registered with the various recognized professional bodies, as applicable.


Salary and allowances which are personal and negotiable are higher than Federal Government Consolidated Unitary Salary Structure. Salary increment is based on productivity and contribution to the development of the University.


The University operates a contributory Pension Fund as enacted by the Act of the National Assembly. It is mandatory for all tenure staff to take part in the contributory pension scheme.
The University shall pay 71/2 of the staff monthly basic salary to the pension fund while the staff shall pay 71/12 towards the fund. The University also has in place insurance scheme for all staff. a staff shall not be hindered by the University from drawing from the pension and insurance schemes irrespective of the service status of the University.
In addition, the University offers highly subsidized accommodation facilities for staff on the campus with adequate water and electric supply, sports and recreational facilities in a quiet and serene environment.


  1. Accounting (Professor)
  2. Economics (Reader)
  3. Economics (Professor)
  4. Computer Science (Professor)
    Industrial Chemistry (Reader)
  5. Human Nutrition & Dietetics (Reader)
  6. Human Nutrition & Dietetics (Professor)
  7. Nursing Science (Reader)
  8. Nursing Science (Professor)
  9. Medical Laboratory Science (Reader)
  10. Medical Laboratory Science (Professor)
  11. Physiology (Reader)
  12. Haematology (Professor/Reader)
  13. Medical Biochemistry (Reader)
  14. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Professor)
  15. Anatomy (Professor)
  16. Anatomy (Reader)
  17. Physics (Lecturer II)
  18. Physics (Lecturer I)
  19. Physics (Senior Lecturer)
  20. Computer Science (Reader)
  21. Biology/Microbiology (Lecturer I)
  22. Industrial Chemistry (Lecturer I)
  23. Haematology (Lecturer I)
  24. Human Nutrition & Dietetics (Lecturer I)
  25. Nursing Science (Lecturer I)
  26. Medical Laboratory Science (Lecturer I)
  27. Physiology (Lecturer I)
  28. Medical Biochemistry (Lecturer I)
  29. Anatomy (Lecturer I)
  30. International relations and Diplomacy (Senior Lecturer)
  31. Political Science and International relations (Senior Lecturer)
  32. Tourism and Event Management Studies ( Senior Lecturer)
  33. Media and Communication ( Senior Lecturer)
  34. Business Administration (Senior Lecturer)
  35. Banking and Finance (Senior Lecturer)
  36. Accounting (Senior Lecturer)
  37. Economics (Senior Lecturer)
  38. Petroleum Engineering (Senior Lecturer)
  39. Machatronics Engineering (Senior Lecturer)
  40. Mechanical Engineering (Senior Lecturer)
  41. Civil Engineering (Senior Lecturer)
  42. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Senior Lecturer)
  43. Computer Science (Senior Lecturer)
  44. Biology/Microbiology (Senior Lecturer)
  45. Agriculture (Senior Lecturer)
  46. Industrial Chemistry (Senior Lecturer)
  47. Human Nutrition & Dietetics (Senior Lecturer)
  48. Haematology (senior Lecturer)
  49. Medical Laboratory Science (Senior Lecturer )
  50. Nursing Science (Senior Lecturer)
  51. Physiology (Senior Lecturer)
  52. Medical Biochemistry (Senior Lecturer)
  53. Anatomy (Senior Lecturer)
  54. International relations and Diplomacy (Professor)
  55. International relations and Diplomacy (Professor)
  56. Political Science and International relations (Reader)
  57. Political Science and International relations (Professor)
  58. Tourism and Event Management Studies (Reader)
  59. Tourism and Event Management Studies (Professor)
  60. Media and Communication (Reader)
  61. Media and Communication (Professor)
  62. Business Administration (Reader)
  63. Business Administration (Professor)
  64. Banking and Finance (Reader)
  65. Banking and Finance (Professor)
  66. Accounting (Reader)



Interested candidates for the positions advertised should visit: to apply.
1. You will be required to upload your application, detailed Curriculum Vitae and other credentials in a single document (in either doc or pdf format)
2. Your Curriculum Vitae is expected to contain the following information among others:

I. Full Name (surname first in capital letters)
II. Post applied for
III. Date and place of birth (attach birth certificate/sworn affidavit)
IV. Sex
V. Nationality
VI. State of Origin
VII. Local Government Area
VIII. Permanent home address
IX. Current postal address including mobile telephone number
X. Marital status
XI. Number of children and their ages
XII. Institutions attended with dates
XIII. Academic/professional qualifications (attach copies of credentials)
XIV. Work experience with dates
XV. Present employment status and salary
XVI. Conference/courses attended (state title of papers presented if any)
XVII. Professional accomplishments with Research interest and activities
XVIII. Publications with dates
XIX. Service to national and or international bodies
XX. Extra-curricular activities
XXI. Any physical challenge?
XXII. Names and addresses of three (3) referees who must have been closely associated with candidates/work experience one of which must be the head of department or Dean/Provost of the applicant


Candidates must:
i. Be disciplined, dedicated, loyal and well dressed.
ii. Be ready to imbibe ABUAD’S philosophy to reform Education by example.
iii. Have the ability for team-work and have a high level of human relation skills.


  1. tola

    Is no vacancy for 1st degree holders too

  2. Dam

    Is there hope for fresh graduate now, all this vacancies are for people dat have jobs not job already. hummmmmmmn, there is God ooooooooooo 20 yrs of experience

  3. Hassana audu alaba

    Can secodary school teacher with 5yrs experience apply?


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