15 Tips To Write Outstanding CV in Times of Economic Crisis (Part 1)

Job search in Nigeria is never easy, considering the fact that most employers enthrone favoritism rather than merit. However, despite the known fact, when companies have less work and are more reluctant to hire new people, the task of finding work is even more complicated. Therefore, from ejobs.ng we want to offer some hints and tips that can help you make your CV more attractive in times of economic crisis.

1.  Worry about the company.Remember it’s a bad time for everyone, even for companies (especially if they are medium or small). So, show your concern and involvement in projects which have been part of the employer so that transmit you are going to do everything in your power to get through the hard times that can go through the company.

2.  Focus on your achievements, not what you want to achieve. In times of instability companies prefer to invest in solid and safe values. If you show on your resume that you are a capable, organized and safe, you will have many more chances to make a post. So, now he stands more than ever, your experience and your achievements.

3.  Do not focus only on the financial claims.If you do not usually successful economic demands on the resume, make even less so in times of economic instability. Be clear about what you need and accept remuneration for work, but try to leave the requirements for later.

4.  Take the letter.Not only is the curriculum important. The letter can give you a great space to get closer to the company directly. Show your concern, mentioned the critical moment that passes, and tries to present solutions, ideas. If you present yourself as a solution, try rubbing the arrogance.

5.  Be positive.This is a top of the resume. Entrepreneurs do not want to hear criticism, complaints or regrets, but ideas and solutions. Although employment need and crisis hits you, do not complain in the resume. It’s counterproductive.


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