Job Interview – How to sell yourself

6 Things to Consider When Giving the Best Job Interview

The thing or skill that paves the way for you towards the job and succeeds you in a job interview is your communication skills that how can you express yourself and tell your employer about you. Here are some tips that will help you when you are sitting in front of the hiring manager in a job interview.

1.  The Resume- Your First Impression

They probably form the outline of your interview. This is the first impression on the manager that will form a picture of you in the mind of the hiring manager. Be brief and to the point. And when you are in the interview, elaborate the points that you mentioned in your resume. Talk about your skills and move on to the enthusiasm part.

2.  The Enthusiasm

Depict your enthusiasm for the job in front of your hiring manager. Use the right non-verbal communication and explain your accomplishments that make you the best choice for this job. Convince the manager about your interest being related to the job.

3.  Be the Perfect Match

Be the perfect match for the job. A company has problems to solve for which they offer jobs and while you prepare for any job interview, focus on becoming the solution of the problems that is the purpose of the job. Do a thorough research about the job position and the company and tell the hiring manager how you can be useful in countering the problems and solving them.

4.  Talk about Your Previous Experience

Talk about your previous experience related to the job and tell the hiring manager how you used to work in a team and how your skills were beneficial in saving the day.

5.  Talk about Your Greatest Accomplishments

If you were an internee in the past or had any other job, then talk about it and tell the manager about your greatest accomplishments. Come up with the stories where you employed your skills in improving the conditions or performance of the company being cost efficient. Be statistical and provide true details.

6.  Non- Verbal Communication Is Important

Your sitting posture, facial expressions, body language, nervousness or confidence, all is being noted. You have to be conscious of these things and pay attention to deliver the right non- verbal communication. Sit up straight and pay attention to what the hiring manager is saying to you. Maintain the eye contact all the time when you are speaking up in answer to the question.

Free your hands and express yourself with your body language too. Smile frequently and be confident. This would surely leave a great impact on the employer. Shake hand in the appropriate manner. Concentrating on all these factors will surely make you the best contender for the job.


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