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3 Basic Guidelines to Nail a Job Interview

If you have a job interview in less than 24 hours, and you want to beat your competition to the pulp, you need to work on yourself. You need to follow these simple guidelines to nail your interview and outshine your competitors.

Do Your Home Work

Before you show up for the interview, you have to find out as much about the company as possible. You can call your contact within the establishment, and ask the following:

  • Who are you going to talk to? Are you going to meet the manager you will work for or just the HR Team? Plus, what the interviewer will expect of you.
  • Is there any Dress Code? Apart from the ethics of dressing up for a job interview, is there any specific dressing requirements. You have your professional suit, but what they have to say about your professional demeanor. Obviously, you are not showing up for a class.
  • Get Directions: You better ask for the right directions. Leave early and anticipate the traffic. It will kill your confidence if you do everything right, and show up late just because you had bad directions. Keep your cell phone on just in case. Showing up late for an interview always kills your confidence, so leave early.

If you don’t have a job description, you better ask for one

All of these questions will only cost a 5-minute phone call; you can imagine how much it will help you save your opportunity.

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Go Online

online search 300x300 - 3 Basic Guidelines to Nail a Job Interview

If you need to do some fast research about the company, to get more details except for the job description, you need to go the employer website and see what current employees have to say. You can Google Information like:

  • How big is the company in respect to annual sales and number of employees
  • What do the company have to say about the products or services?
  • Is there any recent news including a product or press release you can discuss
  • Is the company public, because the press releases can have some real info for you

These are some basic points you should know, and the research will only take you an hour.

Come up With Some Ideas

Come up With Some Ideas - 3 Basic Guidelines to Nail a Job Interview

You have to answer the interview questions with interesting facts about yourself. To prepare for these questions, you have to write down, and memories at least two achievements. You can talk about how many times you felt the product of your work.

Remember, these stories have to show your hard to measure qualities like teamwork, leadership, and initiative. Wherever you can, you have to quantify whatever you have done; you can tell the company if you have ever increased the sales by 20-30%, and give them a few insights about how you accomplished that.

You can also include your non-professional accomplishment like volunteering for local assignment. You can note down some notable challenges you have come across with.

Take your time, and invest a few years in crafting a good plan.

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