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5 Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview

If you have a job interview, you have certain things to prepare for. This is your only chance of making a first impression, yes you don’t get a second chance of making a first impression so make it count. The Following gives some insights to prepare yourself!

Prepare Your Wardrobe

Job Interview Wardrobe 1024x1000 - 5 Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview

Your dressing is crucial for your success. After you are done choosing your outfit, you have to make sure it’s properly cleaned and pressed. Get the right accessories with examples (not all) watches, tie, belt, and cufflinks. Just don’t go dressed as Lil Wayne, be elegant, and please wear formal shoes. Try your outfit before showing up, and make sure it fits perfectly. Now put it aside for the big day, and have it ready when you need it.



You need to practice your interview play.  Start with a pleasant smile and firm handshake. Do this right, and set off the right vibe to make sure the whole things go well. This is a small step that will play an important role in steering you towards the right direction. You need to write down your play, answers, questions and practice them in front of the mirror.

Study Your Resume, and Memorize

This may sound of the track, but you need to know everything mentioned in your resume on your fingertips.  Chances are you will be asked about anything on your resume, and you have to know it to make an impression. They can pick any detail and ask you to elaborate it. Even though if you have mentioned everything there, they will pick something and ask you.

study your resume - 5 Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview

You have to give them some exclusive details not mentioned in the resume. Otherwise, you are no better than a statue. So you may need to keep something off your resume and present them in person for the sake of it.

Practice Your Answers

Do your research and show up well prepared. You have to prepare your answers with lots of research and practice. Otherwise, the job interview is a lost cause.  Pay special attention to questions like “tell us about yourself?” and “what makes you an ideal candidate for the given position?” Such questions are the difference between winning and losing the job. The fact is, the employer doesn’t know any better, so you have to sell yourself.

Don’t be a fool and memorize your answers like a computer, you are a person, add some taste to it. Have a clear idea about what you are going to say. Answer the queries naturally and intelligently. Be open to other questions knowing what you have to open.

Research the Company and Job Position

Write down the questions you have about the company or job, and ask them during the interview. It makes look intellectual when you are dealing with questions and shows the effort you have put into preparing the interview. Don’t ask questions for the sake of it, the interview will see through it, and it won’t make you look potential.

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