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HR Secrets That You Might Be Desperate to Know

When you join a company, then some organizations do offer the best practices.  Remember the HR department is the most important element of any organization and there are many things the HR will not want you to know.

Every HR department has its set of policies when it comes to managing the resources. However, as a professional, you need to have the necessary insight when you step into an organization.

 Facts About Hr That You Should Know

When you walk into an organization, then the interview will not always result in your favor. Yes, the first 90 seconds are the deciding factor. As per a survey, about 33% of 2000 bosses indicated they in the first 90 seconds they decide whether to hire an employee or not.

This decision is obviously made jointly by the bosses and the HR. When you are designing your resume, you are too focused on the content of the CV and overlook intricate details.

Well, HR notices everything. Most HR professionals just spend about 5 to 7 seconds looking at your CV, and they can discard your CV for a very trivial reason also. For example, an unprofessional email address.

93% of HR professionals are very keen to look at your social media profile so you cannot afford to go wrong if you are keen to get hold of a lucrative job.

About 76% of the employees are keen towards career growth. To achieve this, you need to understand the psyche of the HR department. The mentioned figure gives you an idea about employee selection.

Facts About Hr That You Should Know - HR Secrets That You Might Be Desperate to Know

Image Resource: slideshare.net

What You Need to Know About Hr as A Professional

HR does backdoor checks

Most people have a misconception that the HR will only look at the references provided by you. Well, you are wrong here. HR makes sure to do the backdoor reference checks before they hire you.

The reason is that most HR departments have an extensive network of contacts and are eager to get the unbiased review.

A formal performance plan is a danger sign

If the HR presents you a formal performance plan, it is a red flag alert. It is a clear indication that you have failed to perform well. Do not misread the plan. You will either have to go beyond your barrier to living up to the plan or lose the job.

Annual review will not secure your job

Most people invest a lot of trust in the annual reviews. Well, this is a wrong approach altogether. You should not be under any misconception. The annual review is a just a routine procedure.

 Layoffs are not based on just the performance

Layoffs sound like a terrifying idea, but the HR follows an organized process when managing this job. They consult the managers when they are asked to reduce the workforce. If you believe that the HR will only judge your performance, then you are wrong here.

The HR is keener to keep employees who are willing to work hard to remain positive.  They judge your personality too.

Look at the graph below, and it shows that even the industry giants go for employee layoffs.

Layoffs are not based on just the performance - HR Secrets That You Might Be Desperate to Know

The most important thing you should remember is that your past performance will not ensure your survival in an organization. The HR wants to know what you are doing now. If you accept these hard facts, you will be able to survive the hardest time in an organization.


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