9 Interview Tips That Will Make You Tick

The competition is fierce. The market is tough. The skills are many and the numbers are huge. Getting the right job today is very important. The first step towards a formidable placement is an excellent interview. Many people think that it is just a part of the process. Well, I disagree. Interviews are the most important link. It should be given the utmost importance. There are numerous attributes that are evaluated when an interview takes place.

The people interviewing you are experts at talent acquisition and are always on the watch for behavioural, professional and extra-curricular personal attributes amongst interview candidates.

Here are 9 Pointers you must keep in mind before entering an Interview Session


1.      Dress Professionally

Presentation matters! It is not only the way you present your skills but also the way you present yourself which has an impact on the employers. A professional dressing sense sends a positive and firm message to your employers and carries a message of confidence and responsibility. Don’t go for causals ever. Wear proper combinations of formal clothing. For instance, when you’re wearing suits, do pair the appropriate ties with them.

2.      Act Professionally

Your gestures matter a lot. Work on the way you greet professionals. Your hand shakes should be firm, your laughter should be polite, and your eye contact should be bold. Having these qualities projects an air of confidence around you. You should maintain a straight posture and not be sluggish.

3.      Know your facts right

Be prepared to be evaluated on your professional skills thoroughly. Don’t expect random questions about friends and life. Interviewers are very keen to evaluate your professional expertise. Therefore, be prepared on your academics and polish your aptitude skills for perfect performance. Sleep well the night before to keep a proactive mind and remain fresh. It will help you think better and in turn, tackle the interview better.

4.      Don’t be a fake

You should never lie in an interview. The corporate world is connected and established on the idea of transparency and anything apart from the facts can land you in legal trouble.

5.      Make a strong Resume

It is needless to say but still it is an integral part of your ensemble. It should be precise, truthful and should be able to represent each of your skills and you on paper! Get a proper resume made and get it printed on high quality paper.

6.      Don’t agree to everything

Interviewers ask questions which can give you dilemmas and in those moments you need to remain true to yourself. The interviewer is always on the look for attributes like honest and ethics and therefore, they might want you to disagree with them at times.

7.      Work on your presentation skills

Practice your speech. It should be clear and to the point. You should look optimistic and make other around you feel comfortable. A bold voice and a proactive attitude are key pointers.

8.      Be bold and confident, but don’t be boastful and overconfident

There is thin line between confidence and overconfidence. Be sure you are on the right side. Don’t be overconfident. It gives out negative vibes and turns good decision against you.

9.      Don’t be submissive

Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Interact with your interviewers. It makes the air around the room comfortable. Your interviewers will also feel a sense of connectivity and be more attentive to your answers!

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