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Customer service representative

Posted on 08/03/20 11:47 by Canpel revenue services
salary $80.00 per month , including bonuses
location Lagos State
time Full Time
responsibilities include: ▪ Communicating with clients and customers about their experiences with a product or service ▪ Providing advice on purchasing products or services ▪ Answering client or customer questions about properly using or accessing a product or service ▪ Taking or processing orders for a product or service ▪ Listening to customer or client ...

Customer Service Representative

Posted on 27/02/20 10:32 by CORALTEX NIGERIA
salary $45000.00 per month
location Lagos State
time Full Time
Customer service representatives help businesses develop strong relationships with their clients and customers. Representatives answer customer questions, help resolve problems, process refunds and make suggestions regarding the purchase of additional products and services. Customer service representative positions typically do not require a college degree, but ...

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