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WTS Energy is currently seeking the services of Marine Operations Pilot in Nigeria.

Area of Specialization/Experience: The primary role of the position is to do the pilotage operations on shuttle tankers and export tankers and provide marine expertise support to company’s operations. Duties include but are not limited to:


  • Perform the Pilotage and Loading Master roles (every 7 days)
  • Checking of tank ullages before and after loading / discharge
  • Signing of shuttle documents
  • Audit of the shuttle tanker operations.


  • Manage interface with Offtaker operations team for approval of vessels and vessel arrival
  • Arrange support tug boats for export vessels.
  • Perform the Pilotage & Loading Master roles (approximately every 45 days)
  • Monitor loading operations on export vessel
  • Signing of export documents
  • Respond to demurrage claims.
  • Ensure Terminal Handbook is up to date.


  • Inspections and vetting of vessels identified for possible hire
  • Audits of vessels on hire
  • Monitor performance of vessels on hire, including fuel consumption.
  • Monitor bollard pull tests
  • Maintain databases of available and suitable vessels
  • Monitor loading and unloading of boats, manifesting, lifting equipment
  • Monitor compliance with IMDG regulations


  • Monitor Floating hoses including maintenance and spares
  • Monitor mooring hawsers including usage & loading and spares
  • Maintain CMMS records for equipment in shore base
  • Monitor inventory of spares in CMMS system.
  • Support diving operations.
  • Participate in Hazops and Hazids


  • SHE reports
  • Shuttle reports
  • Offtakes reports
  • Vessel and Supply Boat performance reports
  • Monthly maintenance and inventory reports

Assist in developing budgets for marine activities
Responsible for management, planning and implementation of all marine logistics

  • To achieve SHE goals
  • Participate in incident investigations to find root causes and recommendations for future actions
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Update Company procedures that relate to marine operations
  • Stay abreast of developments in marine support for offshore industry
  • Interact with other departments in the Company to provide Marine Operations expertise.


  • Master Class I certificate, Oil Tanker endorsement desirable but not essential.
  • Minimum years of Experience:  +10 Years experience on vessels as a deck officer, 5 years of pilotage experience of vessels up to Suezmax size. The level of pilotage experience desired is a pilot who has more than 2,500 pilotages.
  • Special Abilities/Skills: Pilotage Experience.
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