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Deloitte is seeking Off-Grid Supply Chains Consultant to join its work team in Abuja, Nigeria.

Position Description

The Off-Grid Supply Chains Consultant will support Power Africa Nigeria by identifying various possible supply chain designs for delivery of off-grid solutions (Solar home systems, mini-grids) and associated costs.

Position Responsibilities

  • Identify various supply chains already in operation (e.g. for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs), domestic goods, farming implements/consumables) and mapping complete logistics and handling costs
  • Identify various mechanisms of consumer financing (bank debts, leases, micro finance etc.) and relating this to purchasing power
  • Evaluate the applicability and synergies of various existing supply chains for off-grid solutions
  • Prepare an approach note for engaging with such supply chains
  • Present potential supply-chains on the opportunities in the sector

Required Skills

  • Experience of supply chain management in FMCG/Pharma/Farming sector in Nigeria
  • Experience in operation of supply chains
  • Experience of working with and MNC private sector supply chains belonging to the above sectors
  • Effective communication skills and coordinating between various stakeholders, including government departments and private sector organisations, logistic providers, local commercial banks etc.
  • Ability to initiate and manage change and to recognize and adjust to rapidly changing conditions;
  • Strong communication and presentation skills including ability to write reports;
  • High level interpersonal and cross-cultural skills including ability to build alliances and collaborative relationships with sensitivity to diversity;
  • Ability to maintain high standards of integrity; establish straightforward, productive relationships;
  • Ability to treat individuals with fairness and respect, demonstrating sensitivity for ethnic, cultural and gender differences.

Educational Requirement

All applicants are expected to have either a minimum of an MS/MA/MBA with at least 10 years of relevant experience; a BS/BA degree with at least 15 years of relevant experience or a degree less than a BS/BA with at least 20 years of experience.


Applications from qualified individuals should be sent to [email protected] on or before Wednesday, 31 October, 2018.


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