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Who are we?

Seedstars is a global online company builder. Our goal is to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology & entrepreneurship. Headquartered in Switzerland with local presences in 12 key countries in Latam, Africa and SE Asia, we have access to a well-established and proprietary network of entrepreneurs, investors and corporates thanks to seedstarsworld.com.

It’s very important to us that you share our conviction of bootstrapping and love of the tech & web world, you should have an intuitive feel for what works and what doesn’t online!

Keep it simple and keep it lean (kiskil) is our motto so we are not flexible when it comes to cultural fit.

We started the Seedstars Academy because we wanted to impact people’s lives and give them the skills to become entrepreneurs. We are in need of talented & hungry change makers who want to change the world.

About the program

Seedstars Academy is where tech-driven young achievers become entrepreneurs and learn the skills of the future.

Consider applying to the Seedstars Academy, a 1 year, paid opportunity to become a tech entrepreneur while learning from successful mentors & investors and practicing on exciting MVPs.

Candidates that make it through our screening process are invited to participate in a free, 5 days bootcamp led by Seedstars network mentors & partners. After the bootcamp and if you are selected, you will be invited to join the paid program.

It starts with a 3 months fully-immersive program in one of our seedspace.co hubs. The second batch will held in Lagos / Nigeria.

The program lasts 12-13 weeks so the first week is full-time course. After that, you will have 10% coaching, mentoring & workshops sessions and the chance to gain a practical and concrete vision of a tech startup by experimenting, launching or building MVPs.

You will have the opportunity to work on multiple MVPs (from websites to apps) in a multidisciplinary team, and to assimilate the theoretical concepts that will be introduced in parallel with the help of the teaching team, which consists of investors, founders and professionals from major international startups.

Once you are done with the program, we place you in one of our company. As such, we’ll provide you with an offer to hire you full-time right after the program to continue working on successful MVPs, Seedstars ventures or have you join a SeedstarsWorld startup.

Looking for more information about the program? refer to: SEEDSTARS ACADEMY WEBSITE

Why apply?

Selective learning program to work with tech startups and cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs who will learn company-building & growth hacking techniques on a global scale.

We hand pick top-quality mentors from all over the world with experience in relevant industries so that you get the best out of them. They are directors of accelerators, successful entrepreneurs or investors.

Expand your network with key players of the ecosystem, attend our Seedstars World local events and the Summit to build a truly international network in emerging markets. Join the close knit community of the Seedstars family and grow with us after your graduation.

Recruitment schedule for Seedstars Academy

Application deadline: February 15, 2016
Aptitude tests (online): 16th February, 2016 – 29th February, 2016
Interviews: 7th March, 2016 – 13th March, 2016
Bootcamp: 14th March, 2016 – 20th March, 2016

Official start date: March 21st, 2016

What do you get?

    • 3 months of training to become an entrepreneur with a salary of $400/mo
    • At the end of the program, we’ll select the best candidates and offer them a job in one of our company paid $1’000/mo
    • Personal class hours with top mentors
    • Building & scaling MVPs
    • Build a powerful network in emerging markets thanks to seedstarsworld.com

What we are looking for

    • Clear entrepreneurial mindset and strong drive to start your own venture in the future
    • Passion for tech
    • Minimum of 2 years working experience
    • Very strong problem solving skills
    • Attention to details (your first word in the field “Please describe who you are in a tweet” should be “kiskil”)
    • Fluency in English

We would be happy to get to know you, please apply here and let’s talk.

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